Data Visualization: Maine’s 50 clearest-water lakes in 2017

About this Viz

Use this interactive graphic to explore where the 50 lakes with the highest Secchi transparencies are located.

This map & bar chart show the 50 Maine lakes that had the greatest water transparency (Secchi depth) in 2017. (Note: we will update this map with 2019 data as soon as this information has been received from Maine DEP.)

When you mouse-over a lake ‘pin’ (marker) you will see (i) lake name; (ii) mean Secchi value for that lake during 2017; (iii) town(s) in which the lake is located; (iv) lake area, and (v) lake depths. Lake pins are color-coded by Secchi values. (If you click on a map pin, return to the full map data set by simply clicking on any other area of the map.)

When you click on one of the bars of the histogram, that bar and the corresponding map pin are ‘selected’. (To clear this selection, use the ESC key on your keyboard.) Use the scroll bar on the right side of the bar chart to see the full range of data.

This Viz is best viewed in full-screen mode. To open the full-screen view, click on the icon at bottom right of the graphic.