Data Visualization: Maine's invasive aquatic plants: Documented infestations

About this Viz


The 9 layers in this map display recorded distributions in Maine lakes of 9 Myriophyllum species. Click check-boxes to open/close map layers. (Note: some river records are not shown here.)

Comprehensive aquatic plant surveys have only been conducted on a small percentage of Maine lakes, therefore the data presented on this map should not be taken as a representation of the actual (‘complete’) distribution of each species, but rather as an steadily emerging picture of the statewide distribution. As new lakes are surveyed, the accuracy of the picture will improve.

Note that, for some lakes, records come from multiple collectors on multiple dates. The pop-up boxes (which open when you click on a map pin) display only the most recent data. For all data for the species / lake, view the data table HERE.

Data collected by volunteers, LSM / VLMP staff & state agencies. Data compiled by LSM / VLMP.

(Map last updated: 03/22/2015. Map © LSM / VLMP.)