Data Visualization: Number years with lake data (Secchi, TP, Alk)

About this Viz

The three data layers in this map display the number of years for which each lake has data on the following parameters: Secchi depth (transparency), Total Phosphorus, and Alkalinity. The map has 3 layers - one for each parameter. Within each layer, map pins are color-coded by range of values. Open / close a map layer by clicking the check box.

Data are the number of years for which data are available for the specified parameter, collected at any sampling station in the lake. For phosphorus, the values refer to the # of years with any type of phosphorus sample. Most are epilimnetic cores, but there are also surface, bottom & profile grabs at some lakes.

Source data courtesy of ME DEP & LSM / VLMP. The current version of the source data may be viewed HERE.

Data analysis & map preparation by P. Vaux, LSM / VLMP and last edited on 3/21/2014. Note that this map has not yet been updated to reflect the current version of the source data. Thus, for many parameters at many lakes, one should add at least 6 years to the totals.

(Map © LSM / VLMP)