Data Visualization: Watershed Surveys in Maine Lakes

About this Viz

See where 67 surveys have been carried out. Click on map pins to access survey reports.

Citizen (volunteer) Lake Watershed Surveys that are conducted by trained volunteers from lake communities can be a very efficient and effective process for identifying and resolving watershed land use problems that are having or have the potential to have a negative impact on lake water quality. Watershed surveys focus on identifying sources of soil erosion from gravel roads, driveways, construction sites, foot paths, unstable culverts and other sources. Soil particles from eroding areas can be carried to lakes in stormwater runoff that flows directly into a lake, or into a tributary, which in turn runs into the lake.

A secondary, but equally valuable benefit to Citizen Watershed Surveys is an overall increase in public awareness in lake communities about the relationship between land use and lake water quality. A Citizen Watershed survey can be a very effective component for building community support for long-term lake protection. Bringing together individuals with diverse ecological, economic, recreational and social perspectives, has been shown to enhance long-term lake stewardship. Lake Stewards of Maine can provide guidance, and in some cases, financial assistance in organizing and conducting a survey.

67 Maine lakes currently have watershed surveys. See where these lakes are by clicking on the map (below). Click on a map pin to access the report from that lake’s survey. (Note: Color of pins serves only to "visually separate" locations.)

Details concerning the process of conducting a survey can be viewed at: