Crescent Lake

Casco, Cumberland, Maine
MIDAS 8895

Invasive Species

Below is a list of the invasive aquatic species that have been confirmed on this lake. The current data falls into two categories: 1) invasive aquatic plants (exclusively, the eleven invasive aquatic plants that are listed by Maine law as imminent threats to Maine waters); and 2) Chinese mystery snails.

Please note: other known invasive species may be present in and around the edges of this waterbody. Purple loosestrife, for example, is a known wetland invader and increasingly common along the shoreline of Maine lakes and rivers. To date, occurrences of this invader has not been systematically inventoried or mapped.

No records for this lake.

Understanding Aquatic Invaders

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Hydrilla Infestation
The introduction of non-indigenous invasive aquatic plant and animal species to the United States has been escalating with widespread destructive consequences. The impacts of the spread of invasive aquatic plants are well known: habitat disruption, degradation of native plant and animal communities, reduced shorefront property values, impaired fishing and negative impacts on recreation.

Source Data:

Documented infestations of invasive aquatic plants and animals in Maine