Big Lyford Pond

Frenchtown Twp, Shawtown Twp, Piscataquis, Maine
MIDAS 0438

Crayfish data from Maine lakes come from multiple sources, including the collections of M. Scott and W. Reid. Freshwater mussel data are provided by IF&W and other sources. The lists below show the species of crayfish and mussels recorded from this lake. (It is possible that other species are present but not yet documented.)

Click on the MAP links to view the statewide species distributions using our Species Mapper.

(If no species display below, there are no data for this lake in our database. If you have additional data, please contact us.)

Crayfish List

No crayfish recorded (but may be present)

Mussel List

No mussels recorded (but may be present)

Understanding Mussels & Crayfish

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crayfish and mussel

Additional maps available:

Crayfish (Google map)

Source Data

Crayfish Records from Maine

Freshwater Mussels of Maine